How To Find Chocolate Molds for Sale

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Published: 21st December 2010
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When you want to create custom or unusually-shaped chocolates for a special occasion, you will most likely need to purchase some chocolate candy making molds to get the job done. Unfortunately you probably won't be able to find a local vendor that has chocolate molds for sale in every size, shape, style and design that you will need for your project.

If you go to all the gourmet shops and hobby shops in your area you will probably find a limited selection, but it will likely not be as extensive as you would prefer, or what you would get from doing an online search for chocolate molds for sale. If you do your research using an effective search engine tool such as Google, you'll find many results offering chocolate molds for sale.

There are just about any type of theme you might be interested in such as wedding themes, religious themes, nautical themes, animal or insect themes, and even holiday themes for Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can even find unique European or Victorian style antique chocolate molds online. In fact, you might feel a little overwhelmed with so many options available to choose from. Even if you are creating candies for a bachelor or bachelorette party, you will be surprised at all the adult-theme molds that are available. Truly, there is something for everyone out there!

The history of chocolate is very interesting, for example, before the 18th century it was primarily consumed as a drink rather than something to eat. When eating chocolate became more popular, an increase of chocolate candy making molds took place. It was discovered that the possibility of making chocolate in all sorts of designs and shapes was limitless with the advent of metal chocolate molds for sale. A candy maker was then judged on how different and special his chocolate molds were.

Today there are more options available, aside from metal, including colored or clear plastic molds. When plastic polycarbonate molds were first created, chocolate molds for sale became more affordable for amateur chocolate makers, allowing chocolates to even be made in the home.

Some manufacturers sell molds that are organized by a theme that can be purchased in a set. Some of the themes include flowers, sports or hearts, numbers, the alphabet, or hearts. Some chocolate molds come in a sheet that has a multiple individual cavities that can be filled with chocolate. You can even purchase 3D style chocolate molds for sale that create individual candies, requiring you to fill two sides of the mold and allow them to cool before mating them together.

While these 3D style molds are a bit harder to use than flat molds, remember that flat molds only have detail on one side. The flat molds are the easiest to use as all you need to do is fill them, allow them to cool and then empty the chocolates from the molds.

Some unique mold ideas include a 2-piece 3D style mold that is held together by a magnet that impresses a design on the chocolate using a transfer sheet. Once the chocolate has set, the sheet is removed. You can find transfer sheets with many unique designs available that can also be used to impress themed designs on other treats as well. Another interesting style of mold is a kit designed to build a specific structure, like a chocolate gingerbread house or other special structured treat.

In order to determine how much chocolate you'll need for your molds, you simply add water to the molds you'll be using and then pour it into a cup used for measuring liquids. After you do this measurement be very careful to completely dry your molds - chocolate and water do not work well together! Most candies require extreme temperatures to cook but chocolate does not. Chocolate molds are not designed to be used with high heat and cannot be placed in the dishwasher. In fact, you should be careful to never use water, candy or anything above 160-degrees Fahrenheit with your plastic molds.

When you clean your molds, don't use soap or detergent. A gentle cloth and warm water is sufficient to clean off any residual chocolate. Check out all the tips, resources and information available at that will help you learn how to make great chocolates and candies at home. Learning how to make chocolate using molds will help you to increase your candy-making skills and allow you to be able to create fun and exciting themed treats!

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